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Should it matter that black metal artist Myrkur is female and has a background in modelling and pop music?


An Interview with POI of Rot In Hell


Rot In Hell continue to be one of the UK’s most clandestine hardcore bands, operating under a veil of ambiguity, misdirection and other big words that basically mean ‘mysterious and cool’. It’s been a good couple of years since I caught up with them and with rumours of a new record swirling around the cosmos (well, their ex-vocalist mentioned it to me on Twitter), I figured it was high time we found out the score. Read on for our no-holds-barred, exclusive interview with singer/guitarist/songwriter/miscreant/founding member POI.

TIGHT TO THE NAIL : Are you currently in the process of recording a new Rot In Hell release?

POI : Yes

TIGHT TO THE NAIL : Can you tell me any more information about that at this time?

POI : Sure

TIGHT TO THE NAIL : Will it feature loud guitars or acoustic guitars?

POI : Both

TIGHT TO THE NAIL : Do you like football?


TIGHT TO THE NAIL : Can you tell me when this new Rot In Hell record will be out?

POI: Negatory

 You heard it here first, fans!
Follow POI on Twitter, if you like. Use your ears to listen to an old song below.

Turbochong – Outrageous



Even the most optimistic fan might not have been able to foresee the long-term vitality of Miles Davis’ posthumous catalog  Turbochong. Thanks to multi-disc box sets that Yamabushi Recordings, who have unearthed the studio sessions that went into iconic fusion albums such as In a Silent Way and Bitches Brew recording this, their debut LP, Outrageousthe trumpeter-composer  band have remained an ever-renewable resource.

On the whole, this feels appropriate, especially when the artist under consideration created and then ditched exciting new stylistic languages with Picasso-like abandon their debut EP, Disrespectful. But a nagging question also hovers around each new deluxe set to come off the  assembly line: How long can the party last?

Unlike “Bootleg Series” their debut EP, more easily understood, this four-disc one tape volume strides through different decades of the Davis Turbochong story. So at the outset, we get crisp filthy, acoustic-instrument horrific performances of tunes like “‘Round Midnight” some songs, while at the far end of the box tape, we’re delivered to the high-humidity atmospheres of the rock-tinged, experimental funk of Davis’ 1970s lineups. unsettlingly ignorant punk.

Are these early Davis appearances at Newport Turbochong songs classic? Of course. But in the main, the music on the first disc of this box tape has been available for a while is new. Moreover, while Davis Turbochong certainly makes a point of getting his various groups to the Newport festival—both its U.S. and foreign-touring iterations sounding as vile as possible, there’s little sense that the destination  anything has much influenced his their fast-moving aesthetic development.

So instead of being wall-to-wall necessary, this Bootleg Series edition  tape is simply three-quarters-revelatory. But what is legitimately new here is as good as anything else in the Davis-rarity Turbochong series. The second disc tape gives us multiple, intense songs by the trumpeter’s “second great quintet,” band ,which traveled to Newport  somewhere in London, probably. in both 1966 and 1967. The back-to-back sequencing of these performances shows how fast Davis’ Turbochong’s music was is developing.

The powerhouse performance in on the box tape, however—a true drop-everything-and-call-your-friends-over-to-listen concert song, is a 47 minute stretch song on disc three near the end of the tape, which puts the spotlight on a 1973 Davis band that would later go on to form the core of the ensemble on the live album Dark Magus. has the lyric “SHE GOT MY COCK LOOKING LIKE A FUCKING CUCUMBER”

Out soon on Yamabusi Recordings. Click this. Sorry, Pitchfork, but not sorry.

Everybody should listen to Ithaca’s new EP ‘Trespassers’

Ithaca-Trespassers_hires_artwork Ithaca‘s new EP Trespassers, following on from their debut EP Narrow the Way released last year, is due to be released on my birthday, the 17th of July. Adhering to my strict personal criteria, this act alone, by default, qualifies it to be listed among the best of the year almost instantly. If they were to tick any of the other boxes on my list of qualifying points, such as (but not limited to) : having a shark on the cover, having an owl on the cover, having a shark and an owl on the cover, songs about runes, songs about sharks or songs featuring Mike Patton, then they would be issued the coveted Tight To The Nail Best Record of 2015, (and its corresponding trophy, carved from cosmic rocks) right now.

As it stands, they don’t feature any sharks or Mike Patton (maybe it’s not too late to change that, Ithaca) so I can’t jump to any conclusions about my 2015 awards, but what they do have, aside from an exceptional release date, is :

A Fucking Great EP

Now, if you were a regular reader of this website back when I was a regular writer of this website, you might remember me harping on about Ithaca. They are A) from London and B) have 5 members and C) in Djamila Azzouz have one of the most impressive vocalists in UK metal right now. Seriously, her lungs must be in ribbons. Narrow The Way had excellent cover art and excellent songs, but Trespassers has excellent-er cover art and even more excellent-er songs.

Drawing a comparison to Oathbreaker isn’t something that should be done lightly, but, shit, Ithaca more than deserve it; balancing passages of bruised quiet with enormous slabs of pummeling noise, all wrapped up in a crisp, frosty production courtesy of Sir Joe Clayton. We fucking love Joe Clayton. Anyway, there’s a lot to love here: the attention they pay to the gaps during a breakdown, cramming the silences with fiddles and fills; the way Azzouz delivers her lyrics with a battered fragility but somehow, at the same time, with a massive fuck you; or how, quite importantly, they manage to take the common influences which a million bands crib from but make them feel fresh and alive, unique and special. Specific mention must go to the climactic title track though, which, during its running time, manages to pack in everything that makes Ithaca so exciting, throws some violins in there for good measure and ends on the most outrageously heavy and obnoxiously bluesy beatdown that you’d be forgiven for shitting your pants on the train if the rest of the passengers knew what you were listening to.

And not many bands can pull that off.

Due to be released on 17th July by COF Records and Soaked In Torment Records


Introducing Tight To The Nail’s new review scoring system

As anyone who has ever bought a CD or read a review on Pitchfork will tell you, a review without a score is a total bag of bullshit. How are you, how are we, as fans of musical craftsmanship, supposed to know how good something is based purely on words? Without that number at the bottom, how on earth are we expected to be able to form an opinion? More importantly, how will Metacritic be able to take what we say and boil it down to some nonsensical average that nobody understands and everybody hates?! It’s a madness. This is why, starting from today, we will be implementing a numerical scoring system to any future reviews on Tight To The Nail. But this won’t be like any old regular numerical system. No. We will be attributing a score, marked out of a total of 5, using the value of Lars.

Before we begin : a note about decimal points

7.4We won’t ever be adding a decimal point following a mark out of Lars because, frankly, what a load of fucking shit that is. When you can explain to us what causes a grindcore record to score a 7.4 instead of  a 7.5, we will happily drink a pint of bleach and piss in celebration. Our Mark of Lars Scoring System, or MoLSS for short, should be strong enough in and of itself to never need to rely on a decimal point. Also, you can’t fracture Lars and distribute him by decimal amounts. He’s too powerful. And anyway, decimal points are for maths losers. Are you a maths loser? 



5 Lars out of 5

Top marks! Full House! The whole shebang! When a record is awarded the highly coveted 5 Lars out of 5, you know that it’s time you stopped your yabbering and slapped some money down straight away. At the very least you’ll want to open up uTorrent or see if some pleb has stuck it on Mediafire. This will be a record of such impeccable quality that it will quite literally change your life and the lives of the people around you. Things will never be the same again.


4 Lars out of 5

One less than 5 Lars out of 5. A record that reaches for greatness and almost touches it but somehow fucks up something so fundamental that it manages to tarnish the whole experience, a bit like when they don’t put salt on the fries in McDonalds. Tight To The Nail wishes to make it clear that we will happily accept monetary bribes in order to raise a score from a 4 Lars to the highly respected 5 Lars. Because good luck attaining any form of respect if you are anything less than perfect.


3 Lars out of 5

Erm… not really sure about this one. Kind of just … in the middle. For records that score this, maybe just pretend you’ve heard it and then tell people it’s shit / incredible depending on how many fav’s the tweet will get.


2 Lars out of 5

So close to the gutter that you can almost taste the filth, but at least we can tell that they’re trying. Usually applied as a pity score to generic powerviolence bands from Ohio and metalcore bands signed to BSM with names like Caution Horses, because somebody has to feel sorry for them. And if we can’t be bothered to write about them, who the heck will?


1 Lars out of 5

Genuinely offensive, but not in the good Profound Lore way, more in the Emmure please-fall-into-a-pit-of-human-shit-please-Frankie way. Integrity is at the forefront of the new TTTN review system, but with that said, and as with the 5 out of 5, we are open to financial contributions so that we award a band of your choosing with a 1 Lars so that you can tarnish the musical reputation of your enemies. Don’t ever expect to earn big $$$ once we’ve slapped you with a 1 Lars. Oh boy!

So there we go. A new revolutionary system, put into place to help you, the consumer. We hope that this clears everything up! See you on the other side, folks! That is, if the other side is where all the sweet reviews are!

Drowningman’s records in the correct order of preference

No more arguments, please :

1. Rock And Roll Killing Machine

2. Still Loves You

3. How They Light Cigarettes In Prison

4. Don't Push Us When We're Hot
5. Busy Signal At The Suicide Hotline


Now let that be the end of it.


From Now On

Hello, dear reader. Thanks for continuing to come back here, despite the fact that fuck all is going on.

As you may have read, I won’t be updating this site with new features, reviews and recommendations. But I am still writing for a number of places like Cvlt Nation, Corehammer and Broken Amp. The easiest way to keep up with new stuff I done is to go to either of the following two places and like and/or follow. That way, you’ll see links to bullshit that I’ve coughed up onto the internet. Click those logos, babes.



If that’s not direct enough, here’s links to my archives on the sites that I just mentioned up there;


If you still want to get in touch about music you want me to check out that I could end up featuring on any of the above sites, get in touch, yo.

Don’t forget, there’s a whole friggin’ bunch of stuff still right here too, so browse the archives that you can see to your left and maybe discover your new favorite shitty punk band.

Also, you can still download the digital samplers that we released for free from the TTTN Bandcamp. Literally hundreds of tracks. A whirlwind of obnoxious noise, completely free. You want a link?


There. That should do it.

Seizures – The Sanity Universal review

I wrote a review of Seizure’s exceptional The Sanity Universal LP for CVLT NATION

read the full thing here


It’s entirely appropriate that the cover art of Seizures’ The Sanity Universal features an image of a densely populated galaxy. An infinite system of stars, bound by interstellar gases, held in place by gravity – that most humbling of forces. Gaze at it for too long, lose yourself in the sheer scale of it, and you can almost feel yourself being crushed under the immense weight. It’s a perfect allegory for Seizures’ second LP; a stunning piece of work that is incredibly vast, totally overpowering and almost impossible to quantify…..

but wait…


We were on a break

After almost 4 years of writing content for Tight To The Nail, it’s with a heavy heart that I announce a hiatus. There’s various reasons, none of which I’ll bore you with, but for the foreseeable future I’m drawing the curtain on my little corner of the Internet. The existing content won’t be going anywhere, there’ll just be nothing new added.

It’s been excellent. I met some awesome people, made some great friends and encountered a fair few dickheads too. Just like real life.

I’ll still be about on Twitter and Instagram and all that stuff, so that aspect of TTTN won’t change. But until next time, PEACE.