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Exclusive Stream // Blind To Faith – Burial Of Mankind



Even among their humanity-hating Holy Terror brethren, Belgium's Blind To Faith stand out as a group fuelled by pure, unadultered misanthropy and contempt. Anyone who has heard their blistering debut LP, 2009's The Seven Fat Years Are Over, will agree that it is a venom soaked knife between our species' ribs. So it is with genuine malevolent delight that I bring to you an exclusive stream of a new track from their long awaited follow up 12″ Under The Heptagram. Due for release on A389 Records towards the end of October, it contains three of the most authentically vicious tracks you're likely to hear this side of the end times. Check out Burial Of Mankind below and see if you can resist flying into a murderous rage.



Pre-order now over at A389 Recordings

Blind To Faith are also due to tear around the UK with aural wrecking ball Nails in November, check out the dates below


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